Bethany Ramos

I am a women with a desire to write. I am scared to tell you who i am with my voice. But writing it always helps me look powerful. 

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Uber and the Fight for Fair Pay
2 months ago
During recent months, companies like Uber and Lyft are becoming more and more observed when it comes to the safety and overall well-being of their drivers. As a new resident of Las Vegas, I can say th...
SOS: How to Create Your Best Idea
2 months ago
How I find inspiration is simple... I stopped thinking like corporate America and thought more like an artist. Thinking like an artist can help out in almost any scenario you need. For example when ex...
I Love You, My Dear Career
3 months ago
Finding your career path should be the same as dating. Like we've come so far to improve the love department that we are able narrow down what we want in our potential life partner. Finding someone ri...
How Giving the "Silent Treatment" Can Work Against You
3 months ago
I made a big move from my hometown Monroe, NY all the way to Las Vegas, NV in hopes to find a brand-new beginning. Since then, I spent months without a job. I figured the time apart from working const...