Bethany Ashlyn

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5 Ways You Can Earn an Income Writing
7 months ago
Technically, this list could be 50+ ways you can earn money writing. There are so many outlets out there for creatives to make a profit doing what they love. While it might be hard work, I find follow...
How to Stay Productive During Work Hours
9 months ago
As a writer who works from home, I have faced new struggles that I've never had to deal with in past career fields. I've had to learn how to be a financial guru, marketing agent, and scheduling coordi...
I Spent a Year Working at an Outdoor Garden Center
10 months ago
This past year I had decided to get a part-time job. While I absolutely love writing, I was turning into a severe homebody who had poor social skills. It was as if the more time I spent alone, the mor...
How To Know If Your Dream Should Be a Career
10 months ago
A friend of mine recently went to college to follow his dream career. He graduated, got a job, and was incredibly excited to start this new journey of life. Within a few months, he realized something ...
Why I'll Never Work in a Restaurant Again
a year ago
Before I start this, I want to put out a full disclosure. I am by no means trying to upset or insult anyone who works in the restaurant industry. I know plenty of close friends who absolutely love the...
5 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Working from Home
a year ago
When I first quit my job to pursue writing I had a particular fantasy that would play in my head. I would be sitting at a local coffee shop typing away while becoming the next J.K. Rowling. In my head...