Arina Jacor

Seven Fundamental Elements for Writing a Scene
9 months ago
I started writing stories when I was ten. I even had my own school paper out. It didn't last long because there is only so much determination a ten-year-old can have. At the age of 13, I read the Rese...
How To Find a Plot (and Subplot!) for Your Story
9 months ago
I always struggle with finding a perfect plot for my stories. I have a stash of awesome characters, but as soon as I put them together nothing is happening. It's dull and not interesting. I'm bored, m...
Being an Unemployed Filmmaker
10 months ago
It feels like you have to be fortunate to make it. I think I hit the point in my life where I'm just done. I cried. I fought. I tried. Creativity smells like unemployment, combined with ramen noodles ...