Arina Jacor

Seven Fundamental Elements for Writing a Scene
2 years ago
I started writing stories when I was ten. I even had my own school paper out. It didn't last long because there is only so much determination a ten-year-old can have. At the age of 13, I read the Rese...
How To Find a Plot (and Subplot!) for Your Story
2 years ago
I always struggle with finding a perfect plot for my stories. I have a stash of awesome characters, but as soon as I put them together nothing is happening. It's dull and not interesting. I'm bored, m...
Being an Unemployed Filmmaker
2 years ago
It feels like you have to be fortunate to make it. I think I hit the point in my life where I'm just done. I cried. I fought. I tried. Creativity smells like unemployment, combined with ramen noodles ...