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Most Dangerous Jobs
2 years ago
It doesn't take a large paycheck to convince people to take on the most dangerous jobs. Some jobs, like working in the military, are obviously dangerous. Soldiers die sometimes by the thousands each y...
Ridiculously Overspecialized Jobs
2 years ago
Certain jobs require high qualifications to gain employment. This is pretty obvious. After all, you wouldn't expect to be a neurosurgeon unless you've had years of experience in a given field. But oth...
What Does It Mean to Be Successful?
2 years ago
People strive to be successful, sacrificing years of their life in chase of this goal, yet... what are they really trying to accomplish? They say they are seeking a successful career and a successful ...
Most Successful Franchises
2 years ago
The franchise business model has, in many cases, become kinda over-powering. Business empires have set their roots in every continent (actually, maybe not Antarctica), which has forever altered the co...
Old Jobs that No Longer Exist
2 years ago
This is a sad reality of life: jobs grow old, and, sometimes, should no longer exist. Obsolescence is a reality of any occupation. Your job may very well one day go away. It won't be anyone's fault. I...
Most Annoying Questions You Can Ask a Flight Attendant
2 years ago
Flight attendants deal with so much trouble by having to put up with their passengers' annoying questions and strange requests. It truly is a thankless job, managing and helping the human cargo lodged...