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Working as My Influencer
10 months ago
Being an influencer can be tricky, and often comes with little to no reward. We may get free products here and there, but our efforts in promoting such products often comes without commissions. While ...
Profile Articles: What Are They and How Can I Have My Own?
a year ago
What is a profile article? Simply put, a profile article is almost like your résumé with an added background that helps tell your story, who you are, and what you do to the world. Profile articles are...
Anne's Influencers Team Program
a year ago
Hi everyone! If you are reading this that means you were selected or interested in joining Anne's Influencers Team Program! My program aims to connect influencers with one another in hopes of building...
'The True Cost': How Fast Fashion Is Affecting Our Youth
a year ago
The documentary The True Cost is an eye opening documentary which explores the idea of fast fashion, and its varying affects on our environment, on factory workers, and can also be a way to look at ho...
The Struggles of Working at a Tanning Salon
a year ago
I worked in a tanning salon for about two years and I loved it. I loved the atmosphere, the knowledge of tanning and tanning products I had gained, and of course- tanning for free and those employee d...