Anna Dvorakova

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5 Reasons Why It's Worth It to Work Abroad (And What to Also Keep in Mind)
2 months ago
When you opened this article, you had a pretty clear expectation. You were pretty sure what I was about to write. "Work abroad is better paid, it looks good on CV, it could open interesting career doo...
Fantastic Resumes and How to Send Them—5 Tips
2 months ago
Just to give a little bit of a credibility, I used to work in an HR company as a talent acquisition associate, and later as a recruiter. So I've seen a good deal of CVs. Some of them were good, some o...
5 Steps to Figuring out What Job Is Best for Me
3 months ago
It's not hard to find job advertisements, the internet is full of it. There are thousands of job search sites with various job opportunities. But what to actually look for? What position? What company...