Anik Marchand

Anik Marchand moved from New Brunswick to Southern Ontario at a young age and is now based in Montréal, Québec.


Instagram: anik.marchand

Twitter: @anikmarchand

E-mail: [email protected]

Don’t Waste My Time (Pt. 2)
3 months ago
I would sit there and wonder if anything big was ever going to change in my life? If I was ever going to get what I truly wanted — a great writing gig. Its all I could think about. I was becoming less...
Don't Waste My Time (Pt. 1)
4 months ago
Some people don’t understand the concept of time. Time is like sand slipping through your fingers (cliché, I know, but try to catch the sand as it’s slipping through with one hand, impossible). You ca...
Conversation with a Motion Designer
4 months ago
Let me introduce to you a fantastic self-taught motion designer from Southern France named Jordan Coelho, or what he likes to refer to himself as—Barth. Coelho, like many motion designers, has been dr...