Andrea Dawson

A fitness blogger and a personal trainer.

Looking to Set Up a Niche Business? Here’s How
4 months ago
If you have been thinking of going into business on your own or together with a partner then you most likely have conducted a thorough research of the market you want to approach and you have a clear ...
The Payday Loan Business Blueprint for Entrepreneurs
a year ago
The payday loan industry is doing quite well. Blink and you’ll likely miss another store opening somewhere in your hometown. While the debate continues regarding the moral and ethical underpinnings of...
3 Awesome Tips On Building a Digital Media Brand
a year ago
Back in the day, if starting a media company ever popped into your mind, you would have quickly dismissed it as a crazy and futile endeavor. The business of media back in the day took more money to st...
How To Become a Real Estate Agent: Factors To Consider
a year ago
A real estate agent’s responsibilities are many, and contrary to what people see on the surface, it is quite an involving and competitive industry that needs people who approach their work with a pass...
The Era of Self-Employment Has Dawned
a year ago
There were more than a few cataclysmic events that almost wiped out every living thing on the planet. Have you ever watched movies like Jurassic Park and wondered to yourself, How could mankind ever m...