Ada Zuba

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Hello! I am 24 years old and I have two older sisters. I love to write and finding new hobbies! my aspirations are to become a writer as well as finding a job that I look forward to everyday! I love spending time with my little chihuahua!

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Stores and Their Secrets
8 months ago
Have you ever gone shopping, walked into the store, and felt like you had to buy something because you walked into it? Well, I have and I tend to spend most of the money when there is a sale. However,...
What to Know About Writers
a year ago
Writers are a specific group of people that some do not understand. So, here's how to better understand better. (This is personalized opinion, not the truth.)
What Not to Do at Interviews
a year ago
It is that time of year for summer job interviews. Interviews can be tough and challenging, especially if you dislike talking about yourself to strangers. So, here are a few things you should avoid. N...
Careers for English Majors
a year ago
The struggle is real when you are about to graduate and embark on a journey after an English degree. However, many of us English majors are asked, "Oh so you wanna be a teacher, eh?" I cannot stress h...