Aaron Dennis

Creator of the Lokians SciFi series, The Adventures of Larson and Garrett, The Dragon of Time series, and more.

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Free Writing
3 months ago
A simple web search for free writing reveals that it is a pre-writing technique wherein a person just sits and starts writing for a prearranged amount time. Everything is ignored—spelling, grammar, pu...
Passive Writing
3 months ago
I was contacted by a potential client, who had mentioned something along the lines of wanting to hire an editor, but before she committed to anyone, she wanted to know something; she wanted to know th...
Why Doesn't Practice Seem to Help Me Get Better at Writing?
4 months ago
Why doesn't practice seem to help me get better at writing? This is about the best question anyone has ever asked me. In a way, I’ve been beating around the bush throughout all of my articles regardin...
Can Writing Daily Journal Entries Improve Your Writing Ability?
4 months ago
Can writing daily journal entries improve your writing ability? A fascinating question, and one posed to me not long ago. Before I lent this young man my assistance, I wanted some clarification, and t...
How to Write a Novel With Multiple Points of View
4 months ago
This question was posed to me once, and I figured since someone was interested enough to ask it of me, there may be more writers out there wondering over the same topic. Here’s how the question was po...
How Do I Get a Book Published?
4 months ago
It’s easier than you think! First, it’s important to understand that there are various types of publishing platforms, so I’ll outline them, and then disseminate. Ultimately, the choice will be yours, ...