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Another Man's Bed

King Publishing Group Presents

Another Man's Bed by Sha'ree  

BAFH: Please introduce yourself to the readers.

SHA'REE: Hey I'm author Sha'ree, born and raised in a little town just outside of Flint, Michigan called Beecher. I'm a 33 year old mother of two, a fiance of one, and an author to all.

BAFH: What was the inspiration behind your story Another Man’s Bed?

SHA'REE: First and foremost let me be clear, this is absolutely NOT about my life lol... That is always the first thing people ask. But I do know first hand people get caught up in work or other things and forget to get caught up in each other. Whether it's the man or the woman people need attention from their mate because it could definitely cause them to stray away. So that's basically the inspiration to Another Man's Bed, just trying to remind people all actions have consequences.

BAFH: What do you expect the readers to get from the story Another Man’s Bed?

SHA'REE: I expect them to get a really good story. I expect them to get a sense of who Sha'ree is as an author. I expect them to understand that things aren't always what they seem. This family seems perfect from the outside looking in but in actuality they are both suffering from their own personal issues with getting to the happiness they individually want. I expect them to enjoy this book from beginning to end.

BAFH: How do you prepare yourself to sit down and write a story?

SHA'REE: I honestly have no prep methods lol. My mind runs a mile a minute, constantly. I have so many different ideas so when I sit down to write I just go with whatever flows. Sometimes I do have a topic I want to write on and most of the time I have a book name before I even start writing.

BAFH: If you could give a one-word description of your writing, what word would you use?


BAFH: Do you have a favorite artist or favorite piece of art?

SHA'REE: To me a book is a form of art and the authors are the artists and with that in mind, my favorites would be of course Sistah Soulja she's the reason I got into urban books. I absolutely love Ashley and Jaquavis they are from Flint and they inspire me to keep going. I hope to one day be as big as they are. My favorite piece of art to this day is still Coldest Winter Ever.

BAFH: What fashion designers line your closet? And do you have a favorite?

SHA'REE: I don't know how to answer a fashion question lol. I dress nice but I don't care about labels. My kids get the good stuff and I find whatever I think is cute for myself whether it's from Wal-Mart, Kohls, New York & Co, or a local boutique. I dress in whatever is cute. lol

BAFH: What’s next for Sha’ree the author? 

SHA'REE: Definitely more books! I have a lot to get out. I have many many more stories to tell. And eventually I would like to dab in other genres. (Although I will never lose my passion for urban books) I have a few children's books I want to get out and I'm thinking maybe a suspense novel or something.

BAFH: If you could give an aspiring author a few words of encouragement, what would you tell them?

SHA'REE: Never give up. If you have a story to tell get it out. Put it on paper because you never know how big it could be.

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Another Man's Bed
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