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Anne's Influencers Team Program

A Bonus Program All Influencers Want to Be a Part Of!

Hi everyone! If you are reading this that means you were selected or interested in joining Anne's Influencers Team Program! My program aims to connect influencers with one another in hopes of building a stronger network and finding like minded people to work with. I know how difficult it can be to become a successful influencer, and this program aims to help you build your empire while rewarding you along the way!

In joining the program, you will be required to download/sign up on several different apps and websites. They are all FREE to join, and most will credit your account with money or points to help you get started on earning money or prizes. This allows you to earn points within MY program, which is where you can earn extra cash and prizes from ME. I found these apps and websites to be extremely helpful in earning extra money from home while trying to create the best posts and make connections with potential companies about influencing for them. I ask you that you join these apps and websites before completely being accepted into the program as a way to show your dedication to the team and to help yourself out as well.

Below is a break down of how the program works, how to get started, and how you can earn bonus rewards and extra cash for your influencing skills.

Getting Started: read the following articles: 

"The Easiest Ways to Make Money, Without Leaving Your Bed"

"Time to Close Your Savings Account & Download Qapital"

Also, make sure to like my Facebook page “@annereboamodel” and follow my Instagram @annereboa 

  • These articles outline the apps and websites I ask you to join. Some require a purchase to validate your account (ebates requires you to make any purchase from any sponsored retailer through their website with no minimum expected, then credits your account with $10; Ibotta requires you to redeem one rebate to receive your $10 sign up bonus—can be done so through Uber or taking a picture of any receipt from any of their sponsored retailers like Target, CVS, Walgreens or Walmart...). Payouts can be received by check, PayPal, or Venmo (varies depending on the app or website).
  • Once you sign up for each app and website (and validate accounts when necessary), you will receive 1 point for each app/website and an additional 10 points if you complete sign ups for all within 30 days of being onboarded to the program. (Point system will be explained below.)
  • How will these apps and websites benefit you? Easy! Not only do you get points and cash bonuses upon signing up with the given referral codes, but you will also now have a referral code of your own. You can utilize your influencing skills to get followers of yours to sign up for these same apps and websites using your code and earn even more money from there. Most of these apps and websites have no referral limit, which means you can easily earn hundreds of dollars every month just by getting other people to sign up too!

Point System:

  • Biweekly, team goals, and individual goals will be posted in the Facebook group and sent out in emails. You and the team will have two weeks to achieve the given goals in order to earn points. Each goal will be given a certain amount of points to be earned upon completion. If your team achieves all the team goals within the two week period, monthly prizes will be unlocked and up for grabs. Goals not met by the group will be carried into the next biweekly session and exist until the goal is achieved. 
  • Individual goals will work in a similar way. If you do not meet your goals for the given session, they will carry over. You will not be able to receive prizes or cash bonuses during sessions when you do not meet your goals. However, points will never be taken away- you just can only redeem points for prizes or cash bonuses during the weeks in which you have achieved your goals.
  • Redeeming points: When you wish to redeem points for prizes or cash bonuses, you must do so by contacting me. Monthly, prizes and cash bonuses will be announced and up for grabs, so you will be asked to specify which prize you would like to get. They will include gift cards mostly, but may also be popular products or even a product of your choice. Also, prizes will be posted in which you can spend your points on entries for. For example, if a $10 Starbucks e-gift card is posted and you get 5 entries per 3 points spent, 3 points and 5 entries will be placed in your name. Winners will be drawn on a monthly basis. Other prizes will include social media shout outs, having a free profile article written about you and blasted on the internet, and more!
  • How do I earn cash bonuses? There will be certain individual goals which when achieved can earn a cash bonus. They will not also receive point credits, but this means you can achieve a cash bonus even if you did not meet all your given goals. Extra bonuses, however, can be earned through redeeming points.
  • Points Total and Other Point System Information: You will receive a link to a Google Doc which will keep an updated list of your points and cash bonuses earned. This will be updated on a daily basis (not necessarily every day) and will include point deductions when necessary after redeeming points or cash bonuses. 

***Should you get more influencers to join my program, you will be rewarded! Each influencer you refer that completes their onboarding program will credit you with a free social media shout out on all of my accounts, earn a $2 cash bonus credit, and 50 points! Should you know someone who is not an influencer but would love to be apart of my program, feel free to refer them as well!***

Goals: What goals may I be asked to achieve?

  • Goals will vary, but may include helping me influence for certain companies, posting my referral links (to the apps and websites) and achieving a certain amount of referrals, attracting a certain amount of followers to my social media accounts, or sharing blog posts of mine and drawing in certain amount of reads during the two week period. 
  • "VIP Influencer" will be picked every two week period and receive addition cash bonuses and points based on who achieved and exceeded their goals during that period. The higher the goals are exceeded, the higher cash bonuses and points they will receive! They will be shouted out as VIP Influencer on all of my social media accounts as well.

Being an active member in this program can be extremely rewarding in way beyond earning extra cash and prices. The goal of my program is to connect like minded people to help with our own influencing efforts while giving everyone an opportunity to make extra cash and prizes while doing so. If you wish to have help on a project or anything to do with your influencing, let me know! 

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