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Accessories for a Pretty & Organized Desk

Turn your current chaotic and cluttered workspace into something new and more productive by simply adding accessories for a pretty and organized desk.

Photo by Vadim Sherbakov on Unsplash

What does your workspace say about you? It is a representation of you and could make a first impression of who you are to your colleagues. It reflects personality and shows whether or not you have a sense of creativity or compassion. It also speaks highly of your organizational skills. Whether you work in a cubicle or have a home office, your workspace is extremely important. It could provide you with the flow you need to be happy and productive, or in retrospect, its chaos could cause you frustration and the inability to focus. Or heck, maybe you just want a revamp because you’ve had the same set-up for 10 years and you're bored. 

Whatever reason you have for beautifying your office, the more organized you are, the more focused and relaxed your mind can be. It's the ideal equation for productivity. Here are some suggestions on accessories for a pretty and organized desk. Show the world you mean business, and do it in style!

Desk Pad by YSAGi

This desk accessory is a perfect way to add a little style and elegance to your workspace while simultaneously protecting it. The pad is waterproof, oil-proof, and will protect the desktop from spills, stains, and scratches. You will no longer need a flimsy mouse pad. And it's a nice soft place to rest your hands while writing, typing or using the mouse.  

The pad is reversible for the option to choose which color suits your work environment or your mood. 

Flamingo Paperclips by Lionergy

Don’t settle for boring paperclips when you could be fastening your documents with these pretty office supplies. Why not go for the tropical “it’s 5pm somewhere” theme? You and your flamingo adorned work are sure to be noticed, and you are sure to feel happy every time you use them. Get a set of 30 flamingo accessories for a pretty and organized desk that will be remembered by all. They are sturdy and whimsical aluminum paper clips with a solid, no-peel finish. 

Rose Gold Desk Organizer Set by Blu Monaco

Sometimes, it can be hard to learn how to actually be productive when working from home, especially if you're unorganized and you don't like your work space. Your important documents, pens, letters and magazines will be held nicely by this 4-piece rose gold wire desk organization set. Your accessories for a pretty and organized desk will stand out from the rest, and show your modern, stylish personality. Surrounding yourself with fun pretty things can be uplifting and needed, especially when working on difficult projects. 

Sisters Gulassa 6-Pack File Folders by Anthropologie

Anthropologie Sisters Gulassa 6-Pack File Folders | Nordstrom
Free shipping and returns on Anthropologie Sisters Gulassa 6-Pack File Folders at <p>These file folders designed by Lise and Cyrille Gulassa show off the sisters' flair for natural designs while maximizing your organizational potential.</p>

At a home office, it can be hard get inspiration when working from home. With a few decorative office supplies, you could turn your workspace into an escape from the boring mundane everyday cycle. These aesthetic folder designs take you into your happy place with flamingos, flowers and other nature-inspired designs. Research says that the scenic quality in your daily environment is directly correlated to your personal wellbeing! Ok, so your office window may not have a view of palm trees and the ocean or the stuff postcards are made of, but with a few accessories for a pretty and organized desk, you can still reap the benefits by creating your own decorative office space. 

Office Tackle Box By Kate Spade Designs

The American fashion designer knew what she was doing when she designed these accessories for a pretty & organized desk. The office tackle box contains designer push pins, paper clips, sticky notes, page flags, magnets and more for those who want to work in style, not just with their wardrobes, but with their desk accessories. 

Wood and Marble Paperweight by Polynesian

How about adding a geometric vibe to your home office? This half wood and half marble mixed-media paperweight will add some museum-quality abstract art to your work space while still being functional. Each piece is handcrafted so variances are common, leaving you with a unique, one-of-a-kind product and a great collection to add to your accessories for a pretty and organized desk.

Coleto Desk Lamp by Wade Logan

Research has shown that lighting can affect a person’s emotions. You can control the ambience of your workspace with this golden colored bankers lamp. There are many ways to increase productivity at work, including just adding a simple lamp to brighten up the space. Give yourself a positive boost and a decorative office piece all-in-one. Lighting has even been shown to decrease depression and improve energy, alertness, and help with work productivity. Lamps are great accessories for a pretty and organized desk look. 

Write On Pen Set by

Next time you sign your documents, sign in style and confidence. These 3 ballpoint pens are designed by artists and can tastefully be added to your accessories for a pretty and organized desk. With their “vacay” theme, you can almost taste the margarita! Hey, it's 5 o'clock somewhere, right?!

Copper Tape Dispenser by Scotch

Every desk has a tape dispenser, make yours a designer desk ornament for a trendy and decorative office. Your copper one-handed tape dispenser will add flare and shine to what could be a bland and boring setting. Tape, what once began as a moisture-proof seal for the cellophane food packaging that was becoming super vogue, ended up being one of the most common household and office supplies. With its endless uses, you are sure to get plenty of use out of this desk gadget. 

Day Designer by Blue Sky

If you are all about pretty desk supplies, you’ll love this. It’s a great way to keep both personal and work life well organized while simultaneously making a fashion statement amidst friends and peers. Yes, there are plenty of apps out there that can get the job done, but there are also plenty of technical problems that go along with it that could leave you with deleting appointments and important dates. Put it in writing on beautiful color pages complete with inspirational quotes to guide you positively through your days. Remember, a well-designed day is a well-lived day!

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