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A Vague Business Concept

That You Didn't Know You Needed

Have you ever put together IKEA furniture? Well, I have. It is as much complicated as it is fun. There is this pile of boxes, instructions, and images. You attach little pieces one-by-one going step-by-step. And, if you do everything correctly, those little pieces become a household appliance that will be a very good use to you. On the contrary, if you do it wrong, you will have to break down all those pieces apart like jenga woods and go to step one, tail chase.

This is what business is like. Except, you don’t get any instructions, tools, images, or a help guide. If you get it wrong, it will be trash, but if you get it right, you might earn millions. To start a business, you get box(es) of pieces. You look at what you got, and come up with ideas, ways to put together meaningless pieces to form a meaningful structure. You know some other person has done this before so you check their work out, but it is nothing like yours. You go after your first instinct, and Google it. You will get bunch of tutorials, or those popular webinars where they talk **** for hours and act like they have taught you something, but at the end they will introduce their product which will help you fantastically. That is what they say.

You are not a magnet. Those tools won’t come running to you. You need to run after them, full speed. There are competitors… whom you will be so jealous of until you realize they are going through the same struggles as you are.

You have every kind of piece, it is solely up to you to decide on what to build. You can either copy other people’s masterpieces or make your own ugly duck. Who knows, maybe your sweet, ugly duck is or will be the most gorgeous swan on the lake. Take a leap of faith in yourself. You owe that to you.

Coming back to the IKEA example, life is not that simple. If we all had instruction sheets (which would be like nine hundred billion pages), we would live in a perfect world of perfect individuals. Guess what? We don’t have those instructions! Bummer. Get used to it.

“Confusion is good,” says my philosophy professor. I might have accidentally confused you in the article above. Oops. My bad…

When it comes to business and thoughts I get so fired up that my keyboard is burning right now. And that is saying something. 😀

Your girl, Zeyka


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A Vague Business Concept
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