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A Look at PDR Digital Content, New Content Marketing Brand

The website's changing the way we think about content marketing, saying this: even YOU can do this!

Content marketing is getting so big these days that it feels like everywhere you look on the Internet, there's an agency somewhere in the world with a stable of copywriters, editors, designers, social media specialists, and developers ready and waiting to boost a business with the latest trend in corporate advertising:

There's No Way Around It: Content Marketing Is the Way to Propel a Business

Forget traditional banner advertising. Even commercials and radio have gone the way of the DoDo since the rise of the Internet. Native advertising, video marketing, infographs, interactive content. That's the next generation of advertising, heralding a way of achieving the same results with much less money. Content marketing isn't just king; it's currency. People will pay big money for it.

What PDR Digital Content does, though, is not only offer the service for a retainer but educate you, the business -- especially the small business -- that there are ways for you to boost your content marketing strategy with the right tools.

The aim of this brand and website is to empower you. And if you enlist the help of PDR Digital Content, it's not as an outsource or hire-on for an arm and a leg. In fact... They don't charge that much for services! It's actually a bit ridiculous (but good for you).

With PDR Digital Content on your side, you have a partner -- not a merchant, or a freelance service. And when it comes to content marketing, that's exactly how it should be.

But How on Earth Can PDR Digital Content Charge so Little?

You seriously have to see just how little they charge for a basic package, and then do the research. Seriously, get online and find out just how much it would cost to get an entire content marketing plan in place for your website, your brand, your products and services.

We're talking integrated, fluid, and comprehensive: social media, email marketing, website copy, blog copy, even print brochures! PDR Digital Content can do it all with the one simple mantra: an agency doesn't need a whole lot of overhead to do this!

It seems like businesses out there have forgotten that they have this massive network of resources available, at their disposal, making it that much easier to complete projects and manage all of it without much problem. In other words.... You don't need a team of 12 to push content and campaigns. With the power of the Internet -- all you need is one, maybe two or three!

And That's Why There's so Much Value in What PDR Digital Content Provides

They're obviously extremely competitive. All those big agencies can suffer huge as they struggle to tackle their overhead costs, and their big retainers end up looking less and less interesting. Because the truth is out there -- businesses want to save money. They don't want to spend too much of it.

Content marketing's expensive, and it's a slow burn -- so the more savings, the better. And with a premier brand like #PDRDC, the choice is obvious.

You seriously have to check them out for yourself and see what they offer. Not only do they give you the option to retain their services, but they provide the latest tips, developments, tricks, secrets, stories, and updates in the content marketing industry from the best of the best. You can stay abreast of the trends and potentially manage your needs all on your own.

Ultimately, that's the goal of every business. To be completely autonomous. How's that for a business? PDRDC may be a service -- but they're almost a blessing for businesses everywhere.

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A Look at PDR Digital Content, New Content Marketing Brand
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