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7 Things Anyone Planning To Attend College Should Consider

Thinking of going to college? These are some tips that might help you along the way so that you don't walk into this entirely clueless; going to college can be a confusing process, that's quite understandable.

1. College Isn't For Everyone

Many college students change their mind about their decision to further their education, putting themselves into hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt, wasted for nothing. Be sure to put a lot of thought into your decision, especially if you seem unsure about whether or not you really want to go, or about what major you want to study. There's always next year when it comes to going anyway.

2. File for Financial Aid

Most students planning to go to college have already been educated on this, but for those who don't know, students can receive government assistance to attend college. To apply for this financial aid, go to fafsa.gov. Another thing to consider is finding scholarships and grants to apply for. Talk to your high school guidance counselors/principal for information, or talk to someone at the college you plan to attend about it. Some colleges also list available scholarships and grants on their school website.

3. Study, Study, Study!

If you're one of those students who made it through high school without studying much (or not at all) fair warning: college isn't like that. Studying is key to success in a college environment, classes aren't as easy to pass without picking up the book. Your full attention towards the coursework is needed. It's not that the work is necessarily harder... it's just important to focus on. You don't want to go into your profession without absorbing the needed information anyway!

4. Have Some Money Saved

Aside from tuition costs, you may need some extra money for textbooks, or even better, maybe one night you'll be hungry and feel like going on a Sheetz run. Having a bit of money on hand if you're living in student housing is nice. Not only is it generally fun to have, but you never know when an emergency may arise where you'll need the money on hand.

5. Keep It Cheap

Who doesn't want a lot of room and a lot of fancy things in their dorm? If you're attending a college that offers a meal plan and student housing, as glamourous as it may seem, don't splurge on anything all too lavish, especially not your freshman year. It's best to find out how much financial aid is going to be awarded to you, then find out what you can afford after that. Especially if you don't plan to pay much out of pocket.

6. Balance Your Life

The key to success is balance. Balance your studying habits with the things you enjoy, i.e. socializing, clubs, video games, etc. Studying a lot is a good thing, but too much of it causes a lot of stress, whenever you're not studying make sure to squeeze in some enjoyable activities. 

7. Stay Healthy

Many college students struggle with their weight. The first year can especially be very tough, a lot of girls seem to complain that they gain weight. Maybe working out a few days a week is a good idea, just to keep up with physical activity. But that doesn't mean to not eat as much... eat well so your brain can always be at full function!

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7 Things Anyone Planning To Attend College Should Consider
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