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6 Technologies That Enhance Business Communication

Tech + Business = Great Communication

A business cannot work without proper communication. Communication enhances problem-solving of customer problems and other issues, meeting production deadlines, making timely orders, and more. Hence why many companies that lack proper communication cease to exist. Here is how to boost your business communication skills with technology.

1. Organization Email Newsletter

Most companies use email marketing in communicating with their customers. But there are those companies that have never thought of using it to communicate with their staff. A regular email newsletter can go a long way in offering your employees interesting news, team announcements, and project or business updates. In addition to updating the employees with developments, email newsletters can also make them feel more involved in the organization.

2. Project Management Software

When there is no primary place for managing all the project components, teamwork can get disorganized and messy, particularly if the team members work remotely or are situated in different locations. It is easy to get confused about the role of each member, their progress, the location of information, and the amount of work remaining. A project management software like Droptask or Basecamp can assist in virtually connecting teams, facilitating clear communication, coordination of activities, and helping with sharing and collaboration. Providing an easy means for the management and employees to keep track of their project and work can also eliminate a lot of time-wasting meetings that incur costs.

3. Cloud Computing

With cloud computing, your organization’s networking capabilities are improved. Programs and documents are kept in virtual computers or drives to allow access by any authorized employee via an internet connection. It allows real-time interaction and communication as a network does, but in this case, access extends worldwide. Cloud computing avoids data loss via system crashes, prevents issues with network downtime, and enables network-wide upgrades at one instance. A good example of cloud computing is Google Docs, whereby numerous users can interact real-time on document production. Another example includes HarborTech Mobility, Aruba Network's partner—a company that offers networking teams a comprehensive way to get full control and visibility.

4. Video Conferencing Software

If you work with employees or freelancers who are located in different locations or work remotely, then a video conferencing tool can be beneficial to your company. Instead of wasting a lot of money and time on hefty phone bills or traveling, team members can meet digitally through video conferencing software. It can be easier for teams to plan a video conferencing call than to travel to and from meeting locations. While face-to-face meetings can be beneficial for team building, you can use video conferencing to avoid wasting time and encourage more efficient and timely communications.

5. Mobile Tools

If you are looking to implement digital technologies, as well as online platforms into your business operations, it is significant to use platforms that can be integrated into mobile devices. If employees can download platforms and tools on their work device, like a smartphone or tablet, they can remain connected on the move. This is especially important for organizations that have employees who travel a lot or work remotely. By picking tools that provide mobile apps, you can offer a further level of connectivity, communication, and accessibility for all members of the team who are both inside and outside the office.

6. Online Forum

It is crucial to make sure that your staff has a dedicated space for sharing updates and data across departments and teams online, as opposed to depending on emails. Creating an employee online forum via a platform like Yammer can offer a primary communications center. Your employees will be encouraged to share their ideas, news, thoughts, and updates, while getting more involved in your company. Additionally, any remote staff member will be enabled to remain informed and feel that they are a member of the team.


These six technologies will enable better business communication skills for your whole business. As a result, you will enjoy low costs and projects that meet the deadline.

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6 Technologies That Enhance Business Communication
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