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5 Ways to Thrive in an Online Marketplace

For Artists and Crafters

You've chosen the perfect marketplace to sell your handmade creations. However, the traffic is lower than you expected, and the sales are non-existent. A common misconception with sellers is that joining a marketplace automatically means that you will be getting new customers on a regular basis. While it is true you may gain more exposure than you would on a stand alone website, this doesn't guarantee shoppers will buy from you. It's important to view a marketplace as simply one piece of the puzzle for the overall picture of your business. Here are five ways you can learn to thrive in an online marketplace: 

1. Find Your Style.

Possibly hundreds of other sellers are offering the same type of product you create. So how exactly do you stand out in the crowd? By finding your unique style. Unless someone is blatantly copying your work, no one is going to create a piece exactly like yours. It's important to have a solid foundation in your craft, so you can learn exactly what your style is. Once you know your style, it is easier to develop the branding for your business.

2. Create Eye Catching Visuals.

In the online world, you only have a matter of seconds to grab a viewers attention. This is why visuals are so important. The main image of the product needs to be a clear representation of the item. Too much clutter can distract from the main piece. The product photography also needs to be well lit, in focus, color corrected, and composed. If photography isn't your thing, consider hiring a professional to get the perfect shots. 

3. Know Your Audience.

One of the major components of selling any type of goods is understanding who wants to buy what you are offering. Maybe it's a single woman in her thirties looking to treat herself to a piece of jewelry, or perhaps a middle aged man looking to buy a one-of-a-kind painting to liven up his office. Whatever the case, you'll need to research how your product fits into the lives of others. Not only will it help you target your product to those who would be the most interested, but it can help you develop more products for your specific demographic. 

4. Market Yourself.

An online marketplace will typically have its own marketing, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be marketing yourself. You could start out by creating several social media accounts, and posting on a regular basis about what you're working on. Creating your own website with a blog is also a good way to drive traffic to your page and shop. Marketing is all about reaching your audience, and engaging with them to build a relationship. 

5. Offer Exceptional Customer Service.

Your hard work is finally paying off, and you now have some orders. Once you've built a relationship with your buyers, it's important to treat them kindly, and make them feel like it's more than just about the money. Going the extra step in how you package the item, including a thank you note or email, offering coupons to repeat buyers, and answering all questions and concerns professionally can go a long way in the overall experience your customer has with your business.

Are you looking for a handmade marketplace to sell your art and crafts? Check out this upcoming platform: www.DIYvinci.Market

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5 Ways to Thrive in an Online Marketplace
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