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5 Tech Trends for Boosting Productivity in the Workplace

#TechTrends #Workplace

Many people consider gadgets and apps a great distraction from the “real” work, but their influence on productivity is pushing more and more employers and employees to implement them in their workday. Offices and digital environments can make focusing much more difficult due to the numerous distractions that lurk around every physical and virtual corner. Luckily, there are many devices and apps that can improve focus and boost productivity in the workplace, and here are just the five most effective ones you can try out.

Provide your workers with dual monitors.

Even though dual computers usually mean a significant investment, it will all pay off in the long run once you start noticing the boost in your employees’ productivity. Dual monitors are especially useful for programmers who work with codes, but they are also great for workers who deal with any sort of research. For instance, your workers can have a source file open on one monitor and different sheets and documents on the other, which will greatly save time when they need to fill out some forms and tables. They will not only save the time needed for switching between tabs, but they will also reduce the potential frustration and stress. 


Install smart thermostats.

If your office temperature is too high or too low, it tends to have a negative effect on your workers’ productivity, motivation, and happiness. Even though the concept of a “perfect office temperature” is very subjective, research shows that most workers perform best at 22°C (71.6°F). So, if you have an efficient smart thermostat, you can maintain this optimal temperature all year round. Your employees will work better, harder, and feel more comfortable in their workspace.

Quiet Workplace

Another thing that greatly affects productivity in the workplace is the noise pollution. Many workers arrive at their workplace determined to be productive, but they are welcomed by all sorts of chatter, clatter, and other distractions. This, of course, depends on the location of your office, the type of work you’re doing and your office culture, but it’s a fact that all offices have a potential to get loud and distracting. However, all these annoying outside noises can easily be stopped with good headphones and silent keyboards and computer mice. For instance, you can buy quality headphones in Sydney or find silent keyboards that will reduce the noise. However, if you combine those two, you will provide your employees with a peaceful environment in which they can focus and be productive. 

Try Pomodoro technique.

Even if you set a strict deadline for your workers, sometimes they still have a hard time focusing on the task they’ve been given. People usually have the tendency to procrastinate and postpone even some easy tasks they can do in half an hour. If you want to fight this obstacle, try the Pomodoro technique. It includes a combination of periods of work and rest, usually operating in 25:5 minutes intervals (25 minutes of uninterrupted work and 5 minutes of rest). Your employees can use their smartphones, but an easier way is to equip them with tomato timers for easier handling. It reduces distractions and prevents burnouts, which can also reduce the number of sick days.

Use apps.

Apps are truly one of the greatest inventions of the modern age. You can find many useful apps that will help you boost your productivity, set the right work mood and track the time spent online. One great app that can put a stop to procrastination is Cold Turkey — it blocks distracting sites thus boosting productivity. It can block an unlimited number of sites and works on all browsers and for all users of the computer that has it installed. You can also set the periods during which you want Cold Turnkey to operate. This app helps your employees avoid distractions and stay focused on the task at hand.

These gadgets and apps not only create a perfect work environment, but they also save time and money that can be spent on taking breaks and boosting morale. Implement these into your office and you’ll be amazed by your and your worker’s performance.

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5 Tech Trends for Boosting Productivity in the Workplace
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