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5 Great Ways to Save Money on Office Supplies

Because Saving Is Planning Tomorrow

The cost of office supplies is often overlooked and considered as insignificant to the overall operational costs. However, research shows it matters what your business spends on office supplies. An act as simple as saving on printer toner cost can go a long way toward streamlining expenses. Here are tips on how to save on the expenses associated with office supplies.

1. Buy Online

Buying online saves you money in many ways. Because most online sellers do not have physical stores to maintain, they're able to sell their products at a lower price. Buying online gives you the option to compare prices of different vendors effortlessly and within a short time. Online stores also save you visits to physical stores, which would add to the overall costs of obtaining your office supplies both financially and in time spent.

Always scout around for offers and discounted prices. Look for stores that are purely online making it easier for them to offer low prices. Before committing to purchase from an online vendor, ask if there are hidden costs to the order or orders.

2. Buy in Bulk If and When Possible

Most stores will offer transportation services for goods above a certain amount of money or quantity. Take advantage of these offers by buying in bulk to save your business unnecessary transport costs.

Buying in bulk also qualifies you for discounts from certain vendors. Search for these quantity discounts and save on the cost of supplies.

3. Buy Generic and Go Easy on Name Brands

Brands come with costs. Name brands are usually way more expensive, with little to show in terms of quality when compared to generic products. For supplies where slight differences in quality won't even matter, there's no need to buy branded products. Supplies such as folders or staples do not need to be name brands, for example.

Buying generic supplies saves your business money in the long run, and you will notice quality isn't compromised too.

4. Save on Printer Toner Cost

You can do this by going for remanufactured toner cartridges. It saves you the high cost of buying new printer toner cartridges, which can be a much as 30 percent more expensive. You still get the same quality but at a much lower price. It is economical for both small and big businesses since new toner cartridges are one of the most expensive pieces of office supplies.

5. Prevent Theft

Research shows that about two-thirds of employees have taken home office supplies at one time or another. While it may not involve daily theft for some, the habit can be deep-rooted in others who may be taking pens, printing paper, or even printer toner from work. It may be insignificant for small items, but when it involves costly supplies, the effects can be devastating to your business.

Put measures to make theft of office supplies by employees difficult. It could be as simple as staggering the release of office supplies to avoid workers thinking there's a surplus or stern ones like keeping a gatekeeper to check the workers.

With these tips, you can save big on office supplies, whether yours is a small business or a big one. It would contribute positively to your business's financial health and help its growth.

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5 Great Ways to Save Money on Office Supplies
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