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5 Fast Ways to Boost Your Likability at Work Starting Tomorrow

It's almost Monday. Go for it!

Boosting your likability is easier than you think and the payoff can extend way beyond just you. Likability builds trust at work. Something that is in short supply these days yet is essential to a well functioning team.

The following are five suggestions for the upcoming work week. Try one each day. Don't be surprised if these actions become contagious.

Praise a colleague.

This is not about "sucking up" but a sincere way to build trust. Perhaps your manager taught you a new skill. Thank them for doing so and spend a minute explaining how this skill will be helpful in the future. Maybe a teammate always asks the "right" questions at meetings. Tell them you find their insights valuable and ask for some pointers on how they do it.

Refrain from water cooler talk.

Nothing kills trust and positive collegial relationships faster than gossip. While some thrive on gossip, others find it offensive, but they may not share that with you. Most gossip is simply rumors and only builds negativity, especially in the office.

Offer to take a co-worker to lunch.

Sometimes the simplest gestures have the greatest long-term impact. Is there someone on your team who you don't know well? Maybe someone who just joined the company? Take them to lunch and get to know them better on a personal level. This is a wonderful way to build teamwork when you return to the office.

Share a personal story that shows vulnerability.

Let's face it. Nobody is perfect and we have all made mistakes. Sometimes we are misjudged simply because our colleagues don't know much about us. Sharing stories, especially those that show vulnerability, adds an element of "human" to relationships, breaks down walls, and builds trust.

Offer to help.

Maybe your boss or teammate is struggling to complete a project within a deadline or is "stuck" on a challenging assignment. Instead of ignoring them or clocking out at 5PM, instead, roll up your sleeves and pitch in. You never know when you might appreciate a similar gesture.

When coworkers choose to proactively elevate trust, teams function better and the following outcomes are achieved:

  • Decisions are made faster and easier
  • Innovation increases
  • Employee turnover decreases
  • Profitability increases.

It all starts with you, and it can be as early as tomorrow.

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5 Fast Ways to Boost Your Likability at Work Starting Tomorrow
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