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3 Unorthodox Tips to Landing a Sale

Become the best at selling.

Land that sale you always wanted to

I have been in a lot of sales meetings, and I mean a LOT! So trust me when I tell you about these tried-and-true methods that I have personally used, or seen work. Let's jump right into it...

1. Pocket Whiskey

Yes I know, sounds weird right? Well I'll have you know that this is actually one I came up with all on my own. Something I've found over years of selling is that the big man likes to feel powerful—and what better way to do that than by offering him a glass of nice, refreshing whiskey?

The way this works is you purchase a bottle of your preferred spirit, it doesn't have to be the most expensive, just good enough to impress. Separate the bottle into small, sealable glass containers (I like to use corked vials to look classy and professional) and be sure to keep the amount fairly even throughout. Before your meeting, put 2 portions in your inside breast pocket and 2 small glasses (you leave these behind) with your carry-ins. When you enter your meeting, display confidence, place the glasses on the big man's desk, and pour each of you a drink. From what I've been told, they see this as a unique approach to breaking the ice in a sales meeting and it really helps to build a stronger relationship between you and your counterpart.

2. Stand tall.

Stand tall? Stand tall? What do you mean stand tall? I mean exactly what I said. I picked up this trick while I was in a meeting with a rival salesman and I will absolutely never forget it.

While we were in the meeting, each of us were discussing to our prospect the benefits of our companies services and how we could out-do the other. I felt like I was on a roll that day, and our company easily beat theirs in terms of cost and quality of work. Though just over mid-way through the meeting, my rival took the room by surprise by getting up and standing on his chair while he spoke! The prospect was impressed with his unique display and ended up deciding to give his company the opportunity.

After my defeat, I got to talking to him about what he had just done and he told me that sales was all about mind-games. Apparently by standing on his chair, it displayed power (kind of like when a bear stands on its hind legs) and that kind of thing pulls focus from the prospect. They begin to think about what YOU'RE doing, and what YOU can do for them, instead of what the other guy in the room (me) can.

3. Make them say no.

Have you ever had to make a really big decision before? Like buying a car or a house? Did you always say yes to the first option? I didn't think so...

Business owners make big decisions every day that can either push them forward like a Formula-1 car, or set them back like a train-wreck. It's the train-wreck part that keeps them weary about salespeople. That's why instead of going in to a meeting and making them say yes, yes, yes—you make them say no, no, THEN yes. This simple trick is used by the best in the industry, because it promotes trustworthy relationships, and shows the prospect that you are giving them the options THEY want/need rather than the singular option YOU want to sell them.

So there you have it. 3 incredibly effective tricks to landing a sale and making yourself look like a forward, out of the box thinker. 

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3 Unorthodox Tips to Landing a Sale
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