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3 Types of Emails to NEVER Send

Your keys to a more successful email list.

Wow. That's a big '@' image.

We are all sent emails daily from businesses trying to sell us stuff that, in reality, we don't really need. The difference between the emails that sell and the emails that don't is the language and the vibe they are sending out to their email list.

I've been passionate about email marketing for years now. I've advised all kinds of businesses and clients on the types of messages to send out to their audience via email.

You look at the content they were pumping out and it was abysmal. You set them straight and it's like they were blind but now they see.

On the flip side, you have some sending out decent content. They just need to be nudged in the right direction. 

But no matter who they are, I still see emails other businesses and marketers send out that are just terrible.

Here are three of the worst emails to never send:

The "World is Full of Despair" Email

Damn, these are horrible. You know them, they always start like this:

"Have you ever felt unsure? Or worried about your finances? What if your business does fail? What if your friends who doubt you turn out to be right? I want you to know, you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault, blah blah, blah, buy my sh*t. Blah, blah, blah”

These emails are the worst.

How dare you enter my inbox with your energy sucking email and try to make me feel bad?

Can you imagine if you had a friend over your house and the first thing they said was, “Have you ever felt lost too?”

So generic, so over-used, plus smart people see through it immediately. These people opted-in to one of your email lists, at least have the decency and care to bring some POSITIVITY into their world.



Meet Mark. Mark bought shoes from Aldo a while back. As a new customer, he got put on their email list. So they started sending him more emails promoting their other shoes.

The only problem?

They sent him emails promoting WOMEN’s shoes. They’re sending the RIGHT email to the WRONG person.

Amateur hour.

You're better than this, Aldo.

The "Ball-Achingly Long" Email

Are you in public right now? If you are, then you see it too: Everyone is on their phone.

And that’s where they’re reading your emails too. On their phone. Which has a small screen. Which makes it hard and annoying to read long blocks of text.

Some people out there are still sending out emails like they're essays, close to 2,000 words.



It’s an email.

Not a dissertation.

No one is reading 2,000 words in an email. You should know, how many 2,000 word emails have you taken the time to read recently?

The current has changed direction. There’s no glory in steadfastly holding to what worked three years ago.


In the famous words of Jim Rohn: "You can change, you’re not a tree."

Which is why I'm ending this right here.

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3 Types of Emails to NEVER Send
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