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10 Awesome Writing or Journal Topics

Writing Ideas for Everyone, Novice to Expert

Bust out your pens and fire up your computers. It is time to write!

Once again you find yourself looking to write. It's the one time of the day that you really get to let it all out. Furiously, you look back at the pages of old writings and realize you are all out of ideas. For hours, you consider topics that you truly do not care about. You try to take your hand at different techniques and genres and eventually, you give up. Time wasted, and yet the most "you" part of the day has now been spoiled. Well, do not worry. The following will be 10 awesome topics for your journal or writing needs, and hopefully one will release the inner writer for you!

1. Creating Lists

Ironically, creating lists is a fan-favorite for writers and journal-ers to help spark ideas. You can choose any sort of topic, and it will help push to a greater breakthrough. For example, you could create a list about your favorite cars, favorite places to eat, favorite sports teams in order, or your favorite plants to garden. Lists can be a helpful way to research many topics at once and can help you prioritize things in your life. 

2. Play the "The Most" game.

When considering what to write about, you can ask yourself questions about "the most" of anything. It can help you remember great memories and interact with your inner attention to detail. Some examples might include "the most horrifying moment of my life was...," "the most food I ever ate was...," or "the most Netflix I have ever watched consecutively was..." OK, maybe that last one was just me, but hey, Netflix helps pass the time. 

3. 100 Things I Love

10 People

10 Foods


10 Idols/Role Models

10 Favorite Books

10 Favorite Games

10 Favorite Shows/Movies

10 Pictures/Paintings

10 Favorite Brands

10 Leisure Activities

Oh, and don't forget to describe why.

4. Explore your culture.

It's always good to get in touch with your inevitable past. You can take a blank mind and use it to soak up information about your heritage. It is always nice to learn about your ancestors as well to further understand yourself. Who knows? You might just end up uncovering information nobody else in your family knows about. 

5. What would you do with 1 million dollars?

You randomly check your online banking to find you have a millions dollars (fictionally, of course). Make a very detailed explanation or outline as to what you would do with 1 million dollars. I know I would invest the heck out of it and hopefully turn it into more. Maybe you have a better idea. 

6. Choose the five most memorable experiences from the most recent week.

Take your time to reflect on the week. Who made you smile the most? What was that the new opportunity you took? Did you reach a milestone in your life? Later in life you will have the opportunity to look back at these entries, and you will not regret it. Your memories will be stored, and you can easily revisit them at any time. Also, you just might read things you forgot about long before. 

7. 10-Minute Highlights

Set a timer and write quick. You will take 10 minutes to highlight your day. Simple and open-ended, but it will help you learn to focus on what's important, both in writing and life. 

8. Metaphors for Me

Indulge in yourself with comparing yourself to everything you have ever imagined. You can start with, "If I were an animal, I would be..." From there, you can get as creative as you want and continue to create a running list. This can prove to be both inspirational and motivation as long as you keep your self-view positive. 

9. Experience nature.

Nature is important to our everyday lives. It is how we connect with the Earth, and it engages sensations that could never be found anywhere else. Go sit at your local nature park and just write away about all the senses being engaged. You will find there are never enough words to describe everything you feel.

10. Dreams/Goals

Write about your near future and far future goals or dreams. Do not just state them, but rather write your plans to achieve them. This will help you resolve problems of the future and help you see the steps you need to achieve what you want. Never stop dreaming or setting goals, and better yet, use your need to write as a way to help you.

Thank you for reading "10 Awesome Writing or Journal Topics." I hope that one of the ten help you find the writer inside and spark your imagination to endless boundaries. Feel free to share this with your writer friends hopefully to inspire them. 

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